Crassula millfordiae - Jade plant

Photos Crassula millfordiae - Jade plantExposure Crassula millfordiae

continental : Locate the the Crassula millfordiae In a sunny place.
The Crassula millfordiae Is pretty rustic, therefore it can be grown in the garden during the whole year; it can even bear short freezings.

alpine : Plant which needs at least a few hours a day of solar light.
The Crassula millfordiae is quite rustic, therefore during the hot months it is grown in the garden without needing protections.

mediterranean : We suggest placing the the Crassula millfordiae so that it can receive at least a few hours of direct solar rays.
The Crassula millfordiae can stand the cold, therefore it can be planted in the garden.

Watering Crassula millfordiae

continental : Letís try to always keep the growing substratum of the the Crassula millfordiae damp, watering very frequently with 4-5 glasses of water; if the weather is very hot and dry we even water every 1-2 weeks.

alpine : As the hot season arrives, these plants need abundant and regular watering, using 3-4 glasses of water, which keep the soil cool and damp; letís water every 2-3 weeks, or even more often if it is very hot.

mediterranean : The Crassula millfordiae loves damp and cool soils, therefore it is necessary to water it very often, keeping the soil slightly damp; in any case it is always advisable to avoid water stagnation and excess watering: it is best to water every 0-1 weeks.

Fertilization Crassula millfordiae : In these months itís advisable to mix a specific fertilizer for succulent plants, rich in potassium and poor in nitrogen to the irrigating water; letís fertilize every 15-20 days.

Treatments Crassula millfordiae : During the hot and dry months it is good to watch for the development of cochineals, even on the roots of the plants; a treatment with mineral oil can solve the problem.

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